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RAF WWI Royal Air Force 1st pattern Officer’s cap badge.

A very fine and scarce example introduced in April 1918. Silver gilt Crown, eagle and laurel spray on black felt ground with metal backing plate. Reverse bears circular brass seal of JR Gaunt & Son Ltd, London & B’ham "patent applied for”. (See photo of reverse)

Code: 51663Price: 160.00 GBP

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WW1 Royal Flying Corps Pilots Wings

A superb classic pair of padded Pilots Wings. VGC

Code: 51531Price: 425.00 GBP

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WW1 RNAS Flying Goggles.

A superb pair of the leather face mask goggles. This pair retaining all the fur backing and original elasticated strap. Hook to the elastic strap is absent ring is present VGC.

Black leather flying clothing was favoured by the RNAS.

Code: 51548Price: 225.00 GBP

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WW1 / Early Post War Flying / Motoring Goggles

An unusual pair which remain in very good condition. Celluloid tinted material retaining original leather and elasticated strap. Contained in original card case. VGC.

Code: 51549Price: 80.00 GBP

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WW1 1918 Royal Air Force RAF Officer's Cap Badge by Gaunt.

A good clean example retaining original backing plate and Gaunt makers details. Clean condition.

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WW1 RFC / RAF Photograph of Pilots & Observers.

An interesting original photograph of Senior NCO Pilots and Observers. Image clear Size 14 x 20 cm

Code: 51435Price: 20.00 GBP

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WW1 1918 WRAF Womens Royal Air Force 1st pattern Cap Badge.

A rare and very good example of the pattern of badge introduced on the formation of the WRAF in 1918. This padded example retains the canvas backing.

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RFC (Royal Flying Corps) WW1 scarce brass shoulder title.

A good and scarce example retaining original flat square loops GC.

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WW1 Royal Flying Corps / RAF Issue Flying Goggles.

These are a scarce issue pair of goggles, with issue stamps and retaining original elasticated strap. PLEASE NOTE the goggles with age storage wear, leather dry.

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WW1 1918 RAF Other Rank's Khaki Cap.

A rare example of the khaki cloth cap, with patent leather peak and chinstrap. Complete with red cotton embroidered short lived 1st pattern cap badge. The interior with oilskin lining, this with issue stamp. Some service wear, small rip to the center of the badge near the eagle.

This pattern of khaki cap was first used by the RNAS for land service, it is interesting to note, that this example is fitted with a pair of brass anchor buttons, which would indicate the owner was ex RNAS. The cap was adopted by the RAF on its creation on the 1st April 1918, with the embroidered badge, which was quickly replaced by the brass cap badge.

Code: 50284Price: 975.00 GBP

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WW1 Period RFC RNAS Early RAF Flying Goggles.

A good pair with tinted lenses and retaining fur trim. Complete with elasticated strap and clip. GC slight wear.

Code: 50615Price: 125.00 GBP

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1910 Aviation Pioneer Flight Manual Published by Flight Magazine.

A rare illustrated publication by Algernon E Berriman Technical Editor of Flight. Gives large amount of detail and is complimented by Aviation adverts. Original simulated leather cover. Minor wear.

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WW1 US Air Service Flying Helmet.

A good example of the Great War pattern, soft brown leather, with blanket lining. The buckle with a 1918 pattern date. Minor age wear, leather supple. GC.

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WW1 1918 RAF 1st Pattern Khaki Officer’s Tunic.
A rare transitional example of the 1st pattern RAF tunic introduced on the creation of the RAF on the 1st April 1918.

This example conforms to the regulation pattern, with rank lace to the cuff indicating a Lieutenant, with matching gilt cuff eagle and crowns. The left breast with a fine elegant pair of 1918 pattern RAF Pilots wings. The cloth waist belt with the correct single stud, brass buckle. The overall condition is good clean condition with no major cloth damage.

It is interesting to note that on the creation of the RAF on the 1st April 1918, an order was given to Officers that the RFC or Regimental uniform could be continued to be worn for the duration of the war, however Officers were encourage to adopt the new pattern, a large number of Officers not wishing to go to the expense of the purchase of the new pattern had existing tunics converted, this appears to be the case with this tunic. Close examination reveals collar dogs have been worn and the shade of the waist belt slightly different. Looking at the wear and colour match and natural fading there is no doubt that this is a 1918 official conversation and makes it a rarer than a normal example of the pattern

Code: 51300Price: 1150.00 GBP

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WW1 Royal Flying Corps RFC Picture Frame.

A good example of a bronzed steel photograph frame mounted with the badge of the RFC and containing the original image of a RFC Other Rank. Slight age wear GC. Overall size 17 x 10.5 cm.

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WWI RNAS Royal Naval Air Service Observer’s Shoulder Board Wing Badge.

A very good gilt small size example complete with original wires. VGC.

This pattern was only worn by the RNAS and was replaced by the cloth Observers brevet at the creation of the RAF on the 1st April 1918

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WW1 Royal Naval Air Service winged “A” RNAS shoulder board badge

A rare original small example retaining both wires.

Worn to the shoulder boards of the greatcoat by Officers attached to the RNAS; discontinued upon the creation of the RAF on the 1st April 1918.

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WW1 RNAS Attributed Engineers Badges.

A scarce grouping worn by Corporal George Frederick Marshall Allbon an Instrument maker. Comprising. RNAS two piece Engineers sleeve eagle, RN / RNAS Ratings Cap Badge, Anchor badge, Named Dog Tag, RAF button. Small moth nip to prop badge.

Corporal George Frederick Marshall Allbon was a qualified Instrument maker. Volunteered on the 4th January 1918, it is interesting to note that his service papers show he had a Glass Eye.

Code: 51274Price: 350.00 GBP

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WW1 Period RFC style flying helmet.

Soft brown leather with cotton lining and tailored with a neck flap. The helmet is with the correct open style press stud buttons, typical of the Great War. GC Minor wear.

Code: 50024Price: 65.00 GBP

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WW1 Period RFC/ RNAS / RAF Flying Gloves.

A very good pair tailored by the The London Glove Company Ltd, who are confiremed as operating during the Great War. The gloves with black fur backing and soft brown leather. The interior with blanket lining, one retaining original tailor's label. Complete with wrist straps, these with the correct open press stud fitting. VGC.

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