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WW1 Period Patriotic Matchbox Holder.

A good silver-plated example, mounted with a Union Jack Flag and engraved "On Duty". The reverse engraved "Strike For Right". Slight wear GC.

Code: 51580Price: 30.00 GBP

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WW1 Period British Issue 1903 Pattern Leather Pistol Ammunition Pouch.

A good example, retaining rear belt loop and interior flap. Undated has been worn.

Code: 51581Price: 60.00 GBP

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WW1 British Trench Wrist Watch Anti Shrapnel Cover Guard.

A unusual design example of white metal with registration mark.

Code: 51585Price: 65.00 GBP

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WW1 24th Bn Australian Imperial Forces Original Attributed Photograph.

This photograph shows a Private wearing Australian Imperial Forces Uniform. The back is signed "Rob Roy Rankin 5162". Image clear.

5162 Private Robert Roy Malcom Rankin enlisted in 1915 and embarked to France landing on the 21st December 1916 and joined the 24th Bn AIF. He was wounded in January 1918 and returned to Australia for discharge in July 1918.

Code: 51594Price: 15.00 GBP

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WW1 24th Bn Australian Imperial Forces Original Signed Photograph.

This photograph shows Private Powter in Australian Uniform with Bn Div patch to the arm.

Private Leslie Harold Powter was born in New South Wales and enlisted in 1916. He saw service in Palestine before landing in France in November 1917. After a shell in Hospital in January 1918, he returned to Australia He is confirmed as serving with the 24th Bn.

Code: 51592Price: 15.00 GBP

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WW1 24th Bn Australian Imperial Forces Original Photograph.

This postcard photograph shows a full length study of an unknown Officer attributed to the 24th Bn AIF. Image clear

Code: 51593Price: 20.00 GBP

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WW1 Period French Red Cross Armband.

A good example, with ink issue stamp. Minor age wear.

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WW1 1914 Leather Equipment.

A rare composite set of original items. The main body appears to remain as worn comprising as a set: Belt, pair of pouches, bayonet frog and water bottle (with WW1 Bottle) all these have matching issue stamps, when re-issued to an OTC unit. Full stamping is “TC OTC”. The brace straps are original and are matched. The large pack is the rare 1914 pattern with leather flap straps and buckets and has been officially converted with web rear attachment straps. The pack with issue stamp “3 OX” and also a name A.H. Moxey.

I have left all leather work as I acquired it. Displays well and is a good representation. The overall condition is good the leather remains supple.

Code: 51543Price: 3750.00 GBP

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WW1 11th Bn Royal Fusiliers Outstanding Uniform Attributed Grouping.
A rare grouping of items including Divisionally badge cuff rank tunic worn by Lieutenant Charles Roberts who is confirmed as serving with the 11th Bn Royal Fusiliers in the front line trenches from April 1918.

Comprising: Officer’s Cuff Rank Tunic.
I believe without doubt that this is Lt Roberts trench tunic due to the fading and wear of the cloth. This is confirmed by turning the collar and where he has been promoted to the cuff rank. The tunic is complete with original cloth Battalion formation badges confirmed in Waring Pamphlet No.2 item number D324. Complete with Royal Fusiliers buttons and Collar badges. It is interesting to note that the collar badges have been changed during service to a recorded alternative regimental pattern (original collar badges are included in the grouping). The badges are on blades and I believe it is possibly done to conform with a Battalion distinction. The overall condition of the tunic is good few minor moth nips.

Overall Trousers these tailored with turn ups and retain and original named tailors label dated January 1918. The rank is given as Cadet indicating ordered prior to commission and finished after he was commissioned. These have some moth holes.

Officer’s floppy trench cap, this again with service wear indicating worn in the front line. It is interesting to note that Lt Roberts has used a blackened Other Rank’s Cap Badge on slider, there is no indication of a badge with blades having been fitted. The interior with a Birmingham tailors label

Sam Brown Belt. This the belt and ammunition pouch only, the inside of the belt with name and 11th Royal Fusiliers.

Medals British War & Victory Medal named to “2. LIEUT C. ROBERTS”

Small quantity of Royal Fusiliers badges and buttons

A Copy photograph of Lt Roberts wearing his tunic.

The overall condition is good considering that this is mostly likely a front trench worn tunic and cap.

Lieutenant Roberts WW1 Camp Wash Stand is also listed in the WW1 Collectables Section

Lieutenant Charles Roberts was commissioned into the Royal Fusiliers in December 1917 and the Battalion Diary notes that 2Lt C Roberts joined the Battalion on the 21st April 1918. (Page 327). Looking through the diary the Battalion saw heavy action during the following moths until the 11th November.

Code: 51554Price: 3250.00 GBP

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WW1 Attributed Officer's Campaign Wash Basin

A scarce Great War period example used in the front line trenches by Lieutenant C. Roberts of the 11th Bn Royal Fusiliers. The wood zig zag frame supports a canvas basin. The frame, basin and storage bag all with name and Regiment. The overall condition is good, but please note one wood leg damaged (see photograph), storage bag heavy age wear, near relic condition.

See uniform of Lt Charles Roberts for service details.

Code: 51553Price:

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WW1 Coldstream Guards Brodie Helmet with Original Cover.

A rare untouched original example of a B pattern Brodie helmet with rim retaining original cloth covering, retaining original Cap Badge of the Coldstream Guards. The interior retains the early pattern pre 1917 felt cushion without rubber ring. Also with original leather chinstrap. Linner absent. Overall GC untouched original condition.

Code: 51546Price: 1250.00 GBP

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WW1 Royal Marine 1917 Officer's Casualty Cuff Rank Tunic.

An extremely rare example worn by Second Lieutenant Royal Hubert Silias Bailey who was Killed in Action after only five days with the "Royals" in France. The tunic is the regulation pattern with rank stars and lace denoting Second Lieutenant, Bronze Royal Marines collar badges and buttons. The interior with lining bearing tailors label for H.Stapleton of Bristol with ink name "2nd Lt. R.H.S. Bailey" and date 1917. The overall condition is near VGC, with a repair patch to the rear skirt. The lace to the cuffs is different shades and a common sight from provincial tailors.

Second Lieutenant Royal Hubert Silias Bailey was Bristol born and a pupil of Bristol Cathedral School. Born in 1887 he emigrated to Australia and in 1914 volunteered to serve with the Anzacs. Rejected on medical grounds he returned to the UK and in 1915 joined the North Somerset Yeomanry, he then went to South Africa and served with the Umvoti Mounted Rifles in German South West Africa. Returning to the UK in June 1917 he was commissioned into the Royal Marines and was posted to France to join the 1st Bn he arrived on News Years Day 1918. Only five days later the Battalion saw action South of Cambrai and he was reported Missing in Action only for the worst to be confirmed 14 days later when his body was discovered and confirmed as Killed in Action. A photograph of "Roy Bailey" as he was known on the Bristol Cathedral website shows him most likely wearing this uniform.
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WW1 Dorset Yeomanry Other Rank’s Trench Cap.

A rare example with the regimental distinction of the original green cap band and bronzed other rank’s badge. Complete with thin chinstrap and a full oil skin lining to the interior. Overall good condition with a small amount of wear.

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WW1 Royal Garrison Artillery 1902 Pattern Other Rank's Trench Tunic.

A superb example of the 1902 pattern tunic worn by the British Army during WW1. This example with double pleat to the collar, no lining to the collar or pocket flaps. The interior with clear period WD issue stamp. To each shoulder strap "RGA" brass shoulder titles and to each sleeve Corporal chevrons. The left cuff with a single brass wound stripe. Complete with brass General Service buttons. The tunic is a good classic colour and appears to have no moth damage, it is also an adult size. Good clean condition.

Code: 51533Price: 1500.00 GBP

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WW1 Period British Army Water Bottle Large Size.

A rare example of large size. The alloy bottle with original green felt covering, this with name "W.O. McKane". The leather and web frame remains in very good condition. One small moth nip, otherwise moth free VGC.

Code: 51557Price: 150.00 GBP

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WW1 Accrington Pals Casualty ID Dog Tags.

This pair of dog tags were worn by Private Leonard Hingley. Details to each tag. "11 E.LANC 27289 L HINGLEY CE".

Private Leonard Hingley first served with the 13th (1st Barnsley Pals) Bn of the York & Lancaster Regiment before transferring to the Accrington Pals and died of wounds on the 13th September 1917.

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WW1 Period British Army Officer's Side Bag.

An example of the canvas and leather worn with the Sam Brown equipment. This example has been used for First Aid. Leather requires feeding buckle for strap absent.

Code: 51478Price: 100.00 GBP

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WW1 1918 SMLE rifle curved 20 Round Trench Magazine.

A very rare example of the brown grained leather curved pouch. Full front flap secured by two brass studs. Rear fitted with two 1914 pattern hanging belt straps. Internal maker’s stamp dated “1918”.

Code: 51545Price: 375.00 GBP

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WW1 British Army Body Band Circa 1915.

An extremely rare piece of personal kit, being a body band made of silver grey material matching that used for the issue shirt. The band is secured by three buttons.
This item was intended to prevent soldiers getting a chill to the kidneys originally an issue piece of kit, they were in short supply and the War Department put out a call for examples to be knitted and sent to the front. The ceased to be issued Circa 1917.

Code: 51544Price: 650.00 GBP

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WW1 1918 Issue Map Case.

A very rare example of the issue pattern brown leather map case. This example with correct period pattern press studs and clear issue stamp. "R.W.Stiby 1918". GC.

Code: 51172Price: 90.00 GBP

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